Do you ever ask yourself that dreaded question, “Why am I so fat?”

Or maybe you ask yourself some other similar, negative question. “Why am I so stupid?” “Why can’t I do anything right?” “Why can’t I eat healthy?”

Ask yourself this question. Are these helping you get closer to your goal or further away. My guess is they do not help you one bit.

Andy Andrews calls these defeated questions. When you start asking these types of questions you have already given up and given in.

In his book Mastering the Seven Decisions, Andrews has an excellent exercise that I would like for you to do as homework. First thing you do is ask yourself, “What questions do I habitually ask that are hindering my growth?”

I gave a few examples earlier, but make these personal to you. This may take awhile and you may have to catch yourself in the act of saying them. But chances are you will have a few defeated questions here and there. We all do.

Start to list these questions in a journal or notebook. Then cross out each question and reword it. Turn it into a question that helps you get closer to your goal. A question that empowers and give you direction, rather than a question that reinforces negative thoughts about yourself.

The example Andrews uses in the book for the “Why am I so fat?”question is:

How can I enjoy sculpting my ideal body and reclaiming my energy?

Now I don’t actually know people that use the term “sculpting my ideal body”, but I think you get the gist of it. But reword it in your terms, not his. But enjoying the exercise you choose and regaining your energy are two great ways to stay on motivated to exercise.

Take some time over the next week to do this. I have been talking about the power of words a lot lately because I keep hearing people use words to defeat themselves.

You are in charge of the words you speak. Take control, direct them positively towards your goal, and you will be more successful. There are already a lot of stumbling blocks out there to make you fail. Don’t throw any extra ones in your way.