This cold weather is not very motivating is it? Other than my motivation to stay indoors and drink hot beverages.

I’ve got a bunch of different projects I am working on right now, so I have been sitting at a computer a lot more than normal. Getting everything ready for the 6 week transformation challenge, setting up everything for an awesome year of Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp, programming for our middle school boys mentoring program, end of year tax stuff, and a lot of the little stuff that adds up. All while trying to keep a 12 year old entertained with something other than video games for 8 hours.

Then you add in the doorknob epidemic that swept through our house. We somehow managed to rip two doorknobs off of doors in the same week. And by we, I mean me of course. It is crazy!

And I am not handy at all, so this is panic level disaster for me. Add in that I need to replace my son’s basketball rim and things are not looking good. But I figure if I can keep putting these things off, they will somehow magically we fixed.

Then my wife asked me if I wanted to take the dog for a walk. My first thought was absolutely not. First off all, we can’t get out of the house because we have no doorknobs. Second of all it is cold. And third, I can’t possibly tear myself away from all my important work for 20 minutes to walk a dog!!!

So we are walking the dog, my wife is very persuasive, and it is great! Get up, get moving, get some fresh air I feel like a new man.  And then things start happening.

I fix one doorknob! Fix a SECOND doorknob! I fix the basketball goal! Well mostly fixed it that day anyway. My fingers froze and quit working.

The catalyst for this whole thing was a short walk. And that is the lesson I want you to take from all of this.

Losing 50 pounds does not start with you losing 10 pounds in a week. Many times it starts by you deciding to drink a 12-ounce soft drink instead of the 20-ounce version.

Training for a marathon does not start with you going out and running 10 miles. Many times it starts with walking for 30 minutes.

You don’t have to start with some huge, grandiose fitness gesture. All you have to do is start.

What can you do tomorrow to start? If it is starting boot camp with us, we would be lucky to have you. If it joining the 6 Week Transformation Challenge, that would be awesome too.

But maybe you are not there yet, and that is absolutely fine. You’re ready when, you’re ready. You need to decide what step works best for you. A walk, eating a vegetable, a yoga class, go dancing, a fitness DVD, going to bed earlier, drinking more water, eating slower.

Big or small, just start and keep building from there.  You don’t have to settle for not feeling your best. You deserve the best and you can still attain it.