There are a lot of detox options out there. Some good, some bad, some really off the wall. There is actually an Ice Cream Detox out there where you only eat 5 pints of special ice cream. Seems legit.

If you are looking for way to give your body a little bit of a break and see if that helps you feel better, I would recommend giving the CRAP Detox a try. Despite my past acronym failures, I made another video talking about the detox. If you are into someone who only goes in with a loose plan of what he has to say, you can see that here #4fourloko:

CRAP Detox
CRAP Detox

Or if you just want to read about it, I got your back too! Here is what you will avoid:

C- Caffeine

R- Refined sugars (cakes, cookies, etc…

A- Alcohol, artificial colors and sweeteners

P- Processed foods

So how long do you avoid these? That is different for everybody. For some, they can do a week no problem. For others, going one day seems impossible. For still others, 1 meal seems very unlikely.

So make it your own. Set a goal that you think is too small for you. Going one day without, for example. When you are successful with that, then move to two days. Then 3. The goal is to eventually go one week.

When you can do that, then hopefully you decide that maybe you can do without one or all of those for much longer. If not, no big deal you gave it a try. It’s never a failure if you learn something.