Happy Veteran’s Day everybody! To all those who have served and are still serving, thank you for everything.

Just in case you want to experience a little taste of what we do in boot camp, you can take the quiz we had this morning. Get the question right, you get less exercise. Get it wrong, do more. Or as one of my old coaches used to say. Get it right , do it light. Get it wrong, do it long. Genius.

On to the quiz! The answers will be at the bottom of the page. (Disclaimer-unless you know me, you won’t know some of these answers)

1.       Joe’s brother Bob fought in Iraq for what branch? (Right-30 side plank lifts, Wrong 50)

A.      Air Force

B.      Marines

C.      Army

2.       Bob was stationed in (Right-50 jumping jacks, Wrong-100)

A.      Fallujah

B.      The Sunni Triangle

C.      Qatar

3.       Joe’s dad fought in the Gulf War for what branch? (Right 30 lunges, Wrong-50)

A.      Air Force

B.      Marines

C.      Army

4.       Veteran’s Day was once known as (Right-20 burpees, Wrong-40)

A.      Soldier’s Day

B.      Flag Day

C.      Armistice Day

5.       About how many living war veterans are there in the US? (Right 30 jump squats, Wrong 50)

A.      4 million

B.      7 million

C.      21 million

6.       What time will the Veteran’s Day parade be today? (Right-30 plank jacks, Wrong-50)

A.      9:00 AM

B.      10:00 AM

C.      11:00 AM

7.       How many stars were on the American flag in 1954 when November 11 officially became Veteran’s Day? (Right-40 squats, Wrong-60)

A.      46

B.      48

C.      50

8.       Why is Veteran’s Day held on November 11? (Right-5 sprints, Wrong-10 sprints)

A.      It is General Patton’s birthday

B.      Marks the end of World War I

C.      It is the birthday of the Unknown Soldier

9.       Woodrow Wilson started a tradition of serving this meal on Veteran’s Day (Right-40 hip bridge steps, Wrong- 60)

A.      Ravioli

B.      Spaghetti

C.      Lasagna

10.   Whose idea was it to expand the holiday to honor all veterans, not just those from WWI? (Right-30 Belly Blasters, Wrong-50)

A.      Jim Brown

B.      Jack Caulfield

C.      Stephan Riod

Answer Key

1. B

2. A

3. C

4. C

5. C

6. C

7. B

8. B

9. A

10. C