Just over here planning out my son’s day since he is missing school again. I am so jealous! Seems like I hardly ever had school cancelled back in the day.

And also planning out a game plan for staying healthy while being snowed in. This half-inch of snow is shutting down the city!

Something about being cooped up in the house makes you do two things:

1. Eat delicious carbs

2. Repeat the first option

It is times like this that remind me that I need to develop a callus in my mind against temptation. I was watching a video about a man who became a Navy SEAL, despite dealing with several, serious injuries. He talked about building up walls in his mind, that refused to let quit enter his mind. He called it callusing your mind.

Just like when you do work with your hands and you begin to develop calluses. It hurts in the beginning and it is uncomfortable, but eventually it gets better. You don’t even think about. But it does take time and effort to develop them.

Start developing your own mental calluses by doing hard things. Saying no to grabbing fast food on the way home from work. Do that workout that is the last thing in the world you feel like doing. Prep food for the week on Sunday, when all you want to do is watch Netflix. Chill optional.

Do one thing every day that you know you need to do, but absolutely don’t feel like doing. Start making hard things a habit and a part of what you do.

It won’t be easy, it will be uncomfortable, and you will not like doing it. That’s why you’re not doing it now! But if you are consistent, you will begin to see that it gets easier and you become better.

PS- writing this was my thing I did not feel like doing.  I’m off to a good start. What are you choosing to do?