Wanted to share a few random thoughts I had yesterday. Maybe they can help you, maybe they will make you think. Either way, I would appreciate feedback on whether or not you like the shorter hits on a few topics as opposed to one longer post on one subject.

Be Humble, Tap Out

Something I’ve noticed in my jiujitsu classes is that the people who are not humble, never make it long term. The people that say “I already know that.” Or think their way is better, do not make it. They always end up quitting after a few weeks.

Jiujitsu is a very humbling sport. Everybody gets beat some time. Or in my case, a lot. You can get mad and frustrated or you can choose to learn from your mistakes. You either win or you learn. Fitness is also very humbling and there are traits that can guide you through.

Be coachable, be humble, keep an open mind, and you are well on your way to success in whatever you want to do. Whether it is complete your first 5K or do a pull-up, or get a promotion at work this traits will propel you forward.


I’m glad that food rotted!


I found myself getting mad at some food the other day. Which looks even weirder typed out than it seemed like in my head. I had a bunch of peppers and broccoli I was wanting to stir fry. Got busy this week and next thing I know the peppers look like the California raisins and the broccoli stanks! And these weren’t just green peppers, these were the red, yellow, and orange ones.


Then I found a loaf of bread had become all moldy. This was a fresh loaf of French bread just 2 days before! But here is a little tip from me to you:


Your food is supposed to go bad


We are so used to food being so chock full of preservatives, that it throws us off when our food goes bad in just a few days. Your body is better off consuming things that it can break down and use naturally.


Walk faster


There are a lot of people who have a goal of getting to 10,000 steps per day. But some days you might not have enough time to get all those steps in. The latest research is showing you need to pick up your pace on those days.


You can get nearly the same benefits by walking faster on the days you can’t reach your goal. Experts recommend a goal of 100 steps per minute at a minimum to be considered brisk walking.


PS- I will be on Channel 48 tomorrow morning for any of you early risers. Scheduled to go on at 630am to talk about beating the winter exercise blues.